Switcher: List View Property Table View


For the table view, open the “Dropdown menu” via the menu triangle Triangle iconon the right in the current tab and select “Edit list tab”. In “View” you then select “Table” and can still specify the number of rows.

Please keep in mind, if there are many lines, more data must be transferred. For a faster and smoother view, select a smaller number of lines.

You can change the sorting directly in the table by clicking on a column header. The view is then sorted according to this and a small black triangle is displayed next to the column title. The direction of the triangle indicates the sorting direction, with another click on the same column title you reverse the sorting direction.

Column titles in gray font do not contain sortable information.

The basic structure of the table is specified in the administration . You can customize the columns, their order and the width of the columns to your own needs.

You can access the configuration of the columns via the table icon on the far right of the column headings.

A list will open where you can add the desired fields to the applied fields column by clicking “Add”. You can change the order of the columns by changing the number in the position field before the field name. Simply enter the new desired position and accept it with the Enter key on the keyboard.

The configuration of the column width is displayed via the “Show column widths” option.

The column width can be specified as a fixed number of pixels or as a percentage of the available space. The percentage columns are displayed in a different width accordingly when the window size is changed. Depending on the configuration and window size, there is a possibility that the columns become very small.
Fixed columns have a minimum width of 20 pixels, smaller values cannot be saved. A more detailed description of the column width configuration can be found in the Administration under Lists.

There are special columns such as the traffic light status or the Published column. In the traffic light status, the traffic light color changes the longer a record has not been edited. You can find more details about this in the basic settings.

Property list mixed traffic light status

The magnifying glass and the pen Icon for Edit are displayed when you move the mouse over a selected data set. Clicking on the magnifying glass of a property record displays a magnifying glass preview. It displays the most important data of the property. These are external property number, some master data and information about prices and areas.

Property List View Magnifier

Clicking on the pencil icon Icon for Edit opens the respective record. Checkboxes belong permanently to the table and cannot be removed.

You can open a property record from the list for editing or detailed reading. To do this, you can click on the general edit icon Icon for Edit or with a click on the row of the property record. The property record is opened with the “Basic data” tab.

You can return to the table view from the property record by clicking the back arrow Back to the contents list in the toolbar. The property record that was opened is highlighted in color.

properties List View Back Icon