Switch Request Manager Create addresses

After the incoming email has been checked for a suitable property and it comes from one of the selected portals, the address data from the inquiry is determined and checked.

To check whether the address is already known and/or whether exceptions apply to certain addresses, the main user from the inbox (see point 2.1) must have read access to the addresses.

If “Selected addresses” has been configured as an exception in the “Other configurations”, the system first checks whether the request comes from an “excluded address”. If so, the automatic processing is aborted.

If the request comes from an email address that is already stored with an address, then this part will be skipped completely and you will proceed to answer the request.
If the request comes from an address that is already inquired about, then no further request will be sent. Once the response to the request has been received, the waiting requests are answered gradually.

What is checked for unknown addresses and what should be done with them is done in Tools >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> Automation tab >> Request Manager sub-tab in the 3 categories, “Duplicate check”, “Address creation” and “Confirmation mail”.

In the example, the addresses are to be checked for duplicates and the email address confirmed.

Inquiry manager duplicate check and mail confirmation

Only one mail is sent at a time to check address data and availability of the email address, but in individual cases it may only be necessary to check the availability of the email address – or only one may be desired, so there are 2 separate configurations. Let’s look at these two using the example.


Let’s start by checking for duplicates when we create the address. This is done in the category “Duplicate check”. The duplicate check covers the complete address data records, it differs from the duplicate checkthat you can perform in onOffice enterprise edition.

For the check for duplicates, we select “First name+last name+street+place” in the example. If this information is not contained in the address data determined for the inquiry, we will indicate what is to be done in the next step: Cancel automation // Create address incomplete // Obtain basic address information via web form .

We would like to ask for the necessary address data and choose the 3. Possibility off. For this purpose, an email template is required, which is sent to request the additional data. In the example we use “Request Manager Address Entry Web Form” from the templates folder “oO-Templates with company color”. However, you can also create your own template. Please note that the template contains the macro “_AdresseingabeWebformular”.

No separate email is then sent for the email confirmation, but this is entered directly in the web form for address details.

What follows from the duplicate check?

If the duplicate check detects a duplicate, the automatic processing is terminated. If configured below, a task is also created. In the Request Manager widget from part 5, this is shown as the reason.

Then we look for the confirmation of the email address, under “Confirmation mail” – in the example the email address is to be confirmed.
In this case, an email is sent to the email address determined in the address data and asked whether the contact is really desired. This email will only be sent if no address details are requested.

Besides activating/deactivating the confirmation, the email template for the confirmation must be selected, in our example “Request Manager Confirm mailbox” from the template folder “oO-Templates with company color”. However, you can also create your own template. Please note that the template contains the macro “_PostfachBestaetigen”.

Alternative configuration

The selected configuration is the maximum variant at that point.

The minimum configuration would be to create the address incompletely and not to confirm an email address. Both could then be done via address completion – manually or via the process manager.

You can change which data is used for the duplicate check and switch off the confirmation of the email address.

The “Cancel automation” variant terminates the process and, depending on the configuration, leads to a task; everything else must then be decided by the person responsible for the task and performed manually.

It’s not working out as you wanted?

If you cannot save the configuration, please check again whether the templates also contain the necessary macros, “_AdresseingabeWebformular” for the address details and “_PostfachBestaetigen” for the email confirmation.

No address data is requested or the email confirmation is not sent? Please check whether the templates contain the required macros “_AdresseingabeWebformular” or “_PostfachBestaetigen” and whether no warning triangle is shown for “Active mailboxes”. Please check the text of the warning triangles by clicking on them, there might be a problem with the mailbox user or the outgoing mailbox.

After checking / confirming the email address in the previous part, a new interested party should be created as an address. 
The category “Address Creation” contains the corresponding specifications.

Request manager create addresses

In the example, we select “Property manager” as the address manager and leave the contact types at “Prospective tenant // prospective buyer”. We also activate the automatic search criteria .

Alternative configuration

There is a lot of choice in the drop downs, you have to choose the best combination for your process yourself. If you want the back office to check / further edit the created addresses, you can assign this user here.
If you want to start further steps via the process manager or work with the statistics module , you can set the contact types accordingly – you can create your own contact types if the existing ones do not fit.

The automatic search criteria should be set as in the settings in Basic Settings >> General .

Minimum configuration would be to specify “No selection” everywhere and to configure the address manually afterwards.

It’s not working out as you wanted?

If it should be the mailbox administrator, please check that no warning triangle is shown under “Active mailboxes”. Please check the text of the warning triangles by clicking on them.

If it should be the person in charge of the property, please check if the property manager is correct, maybe it has been changed in the meantime.

Digression: If under Tools >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> Miscellaneous >> Option “Create automatic agents log entry if the caretaker of an property/address is changed” is set, changes of the caretaker are noted in the agents log. Otherwise, you can search the record information of the property for caretaker changes, which requires experience with the record information.