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Serial e-mails

Please note that unlike other providers, onOffice does not have a limit for sending serial mails.

However, serial mails with more than 100 recipients cannot be sent time-delayed.

With onOffice enterprise edition you can easily create serial emails to send one email to several of your prospects or selected customers, send newsletters or e.g. New Year’s wishes. In a serial email, a single e-mail is sent to each recipient. This means that every e-mail also contains the appropriate individual letter salutation.

A serial mail is created in the normal “e-mail dialog”, the serial mail mode is activated via the button “Serial e-mail” in the upper right corner. Thus the functions for templates, drafts, property links or attachments are the same and are not described here. The “Separate recipients” and Options tabs are inactive. For details, see “Writing e-mails“.

For serial mails, activity entries are stored in the addresses. In the property records as well, but this can be influenced.

In the tutorials you can find an example of a serial mail.

If you send an email with linked prospects to the owner on the “Prospects” tab in a property via “Contact” >> “Contact owner”, serial emails are not possible and the serial email button is disabled.

Compose serial mail


First create the text for a serial mail like a normal e-mail – you need the serial mail mode only when you send it.

As a normal email, you can create the text at your leisure, check it and then file it as a draft.


Serial emails go to a large number of recipients, choosing the right recipients is the main difference from the usual email writing.

You can specify the recipients as a work list or as a filter . In the serial mails tutorial you can find an example of the difference via worklist / filter.

In general, if there are two or three characteristics to select addresses as recipients, then a filter is suitable.
If there are many “exceptions” to the filtered address list or there is no manageable combination of characteristics, then you should create a work list. This can be based on a filter and is then manually expanded or reduced.

Dispatch – Activate serial mail mode

Only when the content and recipient of the serial mail are defined, you should activate the serial e-mail mode.

You activate the serial mail mode in the e-mail dialog on the top right via the “Serial mail” button.

In the serial mail mode, the “To” field is replaced by the “Serial mail” category:

  • Address selection: Via Filter / Worklists they can select the recipients – see Selection of addresses.
    The recipients are selected via the newly added selections “Filter” or “Worklist”. In the serial mail tutorial, the differences of recipient selection via filters and addresses are discussed.
    The number of address records from the selection is displayed at the bottom of the email dialog next to the address icon. The number of address records is shown, without checking the e-mail addresses entered. So the number of emails sent may be less.
  • Newsletter sending, this option is active by default. This means that only addresses that have explicitly ordered a newsletter – i.e. that have a “Yes” in the “Newsletter” field in the basic data of the address record – will be written to.
    If you deactivate the option, a warning symbol will be displayed at the bottom of the e-mail dialog above the number of recipients. The option is available only if the “Newsletter” field has been enabled in the address records as well(Administration).
  • Do not create agent’s log entries, active if properties are linked and the option is enabled in the basic settings . If the option is activated, no activity or agent book entry will be entered in addresses and properties via sending the serial mail.
  • Format Html, the format of the email will be changed to Html for serial mail sending. You can also use it to send templates in “text only” format, they will be “wrapped” in “html”.
  • Track shipping: When sending a serial email, it is also possible to record who opened the email. For this purpose, there is the additional module “Marketing Box“. There you will also find details about the function and configuration.
    Please note that individual evaluation is only permitted with the consent of the recipient. It is necessary that you have previously obtained permission from each addressee to store their reading behavior by means of “tracking pixels”.

After selecting the variant of serial mail sending and the suitable recipients, you can load the draft of the serial mail content via the “Template” field. Before sending, please check the sender (“Identity” field), the signature and check the content via the “Preview” tab.

The dispatch happens in blocks of 50 e-mails.