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Property value analyses

OWA – Value analysis according to insured value

Important announcement: Property value analysis will no longer be available as of September 2022. Please use the material value analysis.


Please note that the property-value analysis module is an additional module that is subject to a fee. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

The property value analysis according to the insurance value 1914 only works for the property type “apartment” and for “house” for the property types apartment house, two-family house, villa, town house and the single-family house types (single, row, duplex) as well as holiday house and country house. For other property types and/or property types, a note is displayed at the top.

In the tab “OWA” you can select the “Property Value Analysis” in the drop-down menu in the upper left corner.

The calculation is based on the insured value in 1914. This is a simplified short appraisal based on the essential value-determining characteristics of a property.

The current construction cost index required for the calculation is automatically updated quarterly by onOffice.

Important notice: The property value analysis is not a market value appraisal according to §194 BauGB.

Input of the data in onOffice

When the OWA module is activated, the “OWA” (Property Value Analysis) tab is available in the property management. All known data from property management is already transferred here. Missing information is displayed in red letters above the input mask.

In order for the further calculation of the property value to take place, all missing information must first be added.

The input of the data important for the evaluation is divided into:

  • Property data
  • Building value
  • Land value
  • Impairment
  • Underlying value

The property data

The data is largely taken over from your entries on the “Basic data” and “Prices / Areas” tabs. Note that entering a fictitious year of construction allows you to calculate the property taking into account modernizations (“rejuvenation” = revaluation of the property).

The building value

The further calculation of the building value is already based on the entries made above (property data). First enter the “Base value building costs 1914”. This underlying is intended to ensure that the sum insured is always calculated sufficiently, even if the construction costs are subject to seasonal fluctuations. The deductions for a missing basement are deducted as a percentage of the building value calculated above.

The land value

To calculate the land value, you must first enter the standard land value(

The impairment

The reduction in age value is determined according to Ross. Information about this can be found on Wikipedia: (

The underlying asset

Finally, the base value is issued as the sum of the building value and the land value.

The fair value adjustment

The correction value is based on the current market situation or purchase prices of comparable properties.

OWA Market value adjustment

Output of the property value analysis

onOffice offers the possibility to print the analysis in a simple or extended form. After all data required for the calculation have been entered, click on “Create evaluation” create rating

There are Word templates available for selection in the “onOffice system templates”. If necessary, you have the possibility to modify or create new templates, you can find more details in the template administration. Please make sure that the templates have been entered as category “property value analysis”, otherwise they will not be visible in the selection.

These templates are samples. 
We cannot guarantee legal certainty for the use of the template. 
We ask for your understanding that we as a company cannot give binding legal advice.