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Telephone module

Please note that this module is a paid add-on module and may not be included in the selected onOffice enterprise version. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

The telephone module must be booked and set up separately.

Video – telephone module


To use the onOffice CTI client you need the following requirements:

  • Windows PC (alternatively MacOS only with NFON)
  • onOffice access with booked telephone module
  • Either: Business IP phones of the brands Aastra/Mitel, snom, Tiptel/Htek or Yealink
  • Or: TAPI-enabled telephone system (PBX or terminal or softphone)

Once these technical requirements are met, you can contact onOffice support for setup.

Call directly from a task

If an contact is linked to a phone number in a task, you can call this phone number directly from the phone module.

Call directly from an appointment

If an address with a telephone number is linked as a participant in the appointment, you can call this telephone number directly via the telephone module.

Telephone - call from appointment

Incoming calls

If the configured phone number is called, the phone pop-up opens, in which, among other things, the phone number of the caller is displayed. The call can be accepted by clicking on the green handset icon.


CTI Client

CTI Client

Telephone module