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You are new to onOffice enterprise edition, or have already done the first steps?  And now there are questions about simple and basic things you don’t think about at first?

Overview – Basic equipment and construction

Here you find an overview of the basic setup and the structure of onOffice enterprise edition.

But first the most important point, where and how does the login work?

To log in you need the login page and your access data (customer name, user name and password).

You can always reach the registration page via the website (there you click on “Login” at the top right corner).

Enter your customer name, user name and password. Please pay attention to the exact upper and lower case in all entries.

If no email address has been entered for sending login data (if you have forgotten your login data), a hint form will open to request an email address. Please enter an email address to which your login data should be sent.

Please enter an email address that you can also access without onOffice (e.g. a mailbox at GMX or