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From which portals are inquiries for this property coming? How often is revocation with an early start accepted? Which interested parties have come forward? Which of them were present at appointments and subsequently at follow-up visits?

The answer to these questions can be found in the agents log / activities – among many other entries. An evaluation of the figures is complex and may no longer be up to date tomorrow.

With the property / address statistics you can display these facts quickly and clearly. The data is always up to date and thus facilitates the evaluation of the important key figures.
The graphics and tables can also be integrated into the owner reporting.

Evaluations of several properties, addresses or for groups are possible with the statistics module .

Please note: The property / address statistics are included as demo in all variants of onOffice enterprise. The full use of the property / address statistics is only activated in certain versions of onOffice enterprise. Please contact your sales contact person.

Which data is evaluated?

Generally speaking: Only data from the data set in which you are currently located is evaluated. An exception is the base property in the Multi-Property module. The activities of the associated units are also evaluated there.

In the activities / in the agents log, the number of all existing entries is counted, regardless of the read permission.

Widgets display the addresses or properties, only those that the logged-in user is allowed to see.

The content and structure for property / address statistics are centrally specified and managed. You can use user rights to define who can access the tab and in which address records or property records.