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Favorite links

Favorite links

Under Extras >> Favorite links you will find your created favorites.

In the list of the available favorites only the own homepage and the start page of onOffice is stored at the beginning. You can extend / customize the list of favorites via the last entry “Settings” in the list.

Favorite links Setting options


By clicking on Settings you can view your existing favorite links and make settings for them. For example, you can view and change the url of existing links, or create a new link.

Creating a new favorite link

If you are in the settings, you can create a new favorite link by clicking the button “Create new favorite”.

Create a new favorite, input mask

  • Name : Here you enter the name that will be listed in the list of favorite links.
  • URL: The URL of the page is specified here.
  • Description : Under Description you can enter an explanation for the new link. This field can also be left empty, as it is not absolutely necessary for the creation of a favorite link.
Favorite links