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Quick Access


Via the access you can display a list of the last opened records. The access is available for addresses, properties, tasks and emails. The number of data records displayed is reduced every night, per tab, to the 1000 most recent data records.

Open access

You can access Star Symbol by clicking on the star symbol at the top of the toolbar.

A window opens with the table view of the last viewed records. There is a separate tab for each of the modules (Addresses, Properties, Tasks & Email). If you call the access from one of these modules, the corresponding tab is displayed, otherwise the Addresses tab is opened.
The selected module is shown again as an icon at the top and the user name is displayed next to it.

Access Content and settings


The window displays a list of the most recently viewed or opened records. The most recent record is displayed at the top.
The opening of the data record in a browser is counted, not the last action for this data record – e.g. linking an address in a task / appointment or sending an email.
Opening a record again places it at the first position in the list as the “most recent”.


In the tabs for properties and addresses you have the possibility to customize the view. Here you can choose between table, tile and especially for property of the presentation view. You can also set the number of records displayed in each tab separately.
Furthermore, you can change the sorting of the tile and presentation view. In these two views, you can specify the sort criterion of the records using a dropdown and the order in which the records are sorted. However, these settings are not saved, because the next time the record is opened, the most recent record is listed as the top one again.
As in the search results window , there is an action bar at the bottom, which contains appropriate actions for the records selected by the checkboxes.

Quick Access