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Multi-Object modul

Multi-Property Module

You can easily manage property facilities, office complexes, shopping centers etc. – or parts thereof – with the multi-property module. A base property is created for the property investment, and then the units belonging to it.

Please note that the statistic module is an additional module that is subject to a fee. Please contact your sales contact person.

Key advantages include

  • the marketability of the “base properties” in portals
  • Collection of all agents log entries – including the units – in the base property
  • the possibility to change images and properties of one or more units comfortably from the base property

Using the Units tab, which is displayed in all base properties and units, you always have an overview of the base property and the status of all units. You can use CSV export to output a table with the units and their marketing status.

Tip: We recommend activatingthe “Keyword” field under the “Technical Specifications” of the property in the multi-property module. The keyword is passed on to newly created units.
The great advantage of the field is that it can be found, for example, using Quicksearch when searching in the ImmoNr. field. In this way, you get a result list that only includes the base property and the units of this “construction project”.