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Audit-proof mail archiving

Audit proofed only for german tax office. For further information please contact our sales team.

For email backup only, everyone can use it.

Audit-proof mail archiving

Please note that this module is a paid add-on module and may not be included in the selected onOffice enterprise version. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

General information

The audit-proof mail archiving system creates a copy of all incoming and outgoing e-mails including e-mails within the company. The archiving takes place on servers within the onOffice GmbH and uses the software Benno MailArchive.


The revision-safe mail archiving can only take place if the e-mail server is operated by onOffice GmbH and is then valid for all e-mail inboxes of this domain – i.e. all e-mail contacts where the part after the “@” is the same. If you have any questions regarding the move of your e-mail inboxes to onOffice, please contact your sales contact.

Access to the archive

Access to the archive requires a separate, administrative user right(access to external e-mail archive) that you should only assign to selected users.
With this right, the user can open and search the mail archive from his mailbox. In doing so, he has access to all mailboxes to which he is assigned .
Via the e-mail administration in the basic settings , a user with this right can view all mailboxes .

You can access the archived e-mails in the e-mail module via the Actions bar at “Further actions >> Access e-mail archive”.

Use of the mail archive

Within the mail archive you can search for e-mails, and with the “advanced search” even complex search requests can be created. Details on usage can be found in the Benno MailArchive 2.0 Tutorial: Find quickly and easily by e-mail from the manufacturer.

Audit-proof mail archiving