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Here we explain common questions and address problems that can usually be solved quickly with a few clicks.

How do I set up additional portals?

Under Tools >> Settings >> Basic Settings , the portal settings can be opened on the “Portals” tab. To adda new portal, please use the plus symbol (top left). If the desired portal cannot be found, you can simply search for “free portal interface” and add this entry. Ask the portal operator for the data (FTP server etc.).

How do I assign a contact person to my property?

In the basic data of the property you will find the contact person box. By clicking on “Assign” or “New”, you can assign an already created address data record or create a new one. Search here for the address record of the property agent who is responsible for this property as contact person. Make sure that the record is set to contact type “broker”. Only then will its data be output in the brochure and portals.

What to do if not all addresses or properties are visible anymore?

Make sure that no filter or worklist is selected, which will limit your visible address / property list. To do this, select “No filter” and “No list” in the selection fields of the toolbar under addresses/property.

My property does not appear in the portal. What is to be done?

There is a “job” for each portal transfer. If you know the date when the property was transferred, you can check this “job” directly under Tools >> Jobs . If you don’t know the date for sure, you can search the property agent ‘s book for the corresponding transfer and find out the job ID there. With the Job ID you will then find the transfer in the list under Tools >> Jobs. Click on this job to access the detailed view. Errors are displayed in the upper box. In this way you can quickly see which error led to the termination. Often, certain mandatory details about the property are missing, e.g. a purchase property cannot be transferred without a purchase price. Simply add the missing information and transfer the property again. If no errors are listed in the job, please consult the import report sent to you by the portal.

How can I receive my emails in onOffice?

We can import your existing e-mailbox or createa new e-mailbox under an onOffice domain of your choice.

How can I update the display of the emails currently in my inbox?

First of all, open the inbox by clicking on the envelope in the left menu. With each new click on the inbox, a refresh is performed. Only then is the display updated and new emails are downloaded from the server. Alternatively, you can click the “Update Read Status” button on the right side of the email list header.

How can I prevent scheduling conflicts with “at the office”, “at the home office”, etc.?

If you enter info appointments in the calendar, e.g. “at the office”, “at the home office”, etc., these appointments are reported as overlapping if you want to enter other appointments with the persons. To get around this, there is the appointment status “Participant available”. (Appointment data >> Appointment status).

Once this status is selected, the appointment will still be visible to everyone, but will not be reported as an appointment overlap.

How can I transfer all properties to the portal at once?

Under Actions >> property Actions , select the item Portal Full Comparison. In the following selection, you can choose the portal to which you want to synchronize. The number after the portal name indicates how many properties are currently flagged for full synchronization with this portal.

How can I unlock additional fields for property or address management?

As administrator of your version, you can activate or create new fields on the tab Settings for the different categories and on the tab “Input fields” via Tools >> Settings >> Administration .

Why can my property not be archived?

To archive a property, it must be deleted from all portals where it is published. Check the publication on the “Marketing” tab. The decisive factor here is not only the current status, but also the checkmark for marking for full portal adjustment.

I have my own website. How can I integrate my properties here?

You can include properties on your website using the standard property display. Please note that the standard property display must first be activated. Please contact our support for this: You can also edit your website if you have activated the onOffice smart site 2.0 modular system.

My access is blocked / I have forgotten my password. What is to be done?

Contact the administrator of your version. This person can assign you a new password in your user settings and unlock your access again. If you are an administrator yourself and no other administrator exists, please contact our support.

An email was inadvertently assigned to the wrong address record. How can I cancel the assignment again?

Open the address record to which the email was assigned. If a wrong assignment occurs, the email address of the sender of the assigned email was saved in the “Email” field. In this field, delete the email address. Now you can delete the address link in the email under address. The assignment is then canceled. The email can now be assigned to a different address record.

Change default signature in user settings from text to HTML

If you want to change the default signature under Tools >> Settings >> User >> Select User >> Email, first select the new default signature and save it. After that you need to set the signature from text to HTML or the other way around and make a textual change in the signature. Save the signature and it should be in the appropriate format. The textual change can now be reversed if necessary.