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On the tab “Settings” in the administration you can determine the arrangement of the categories on the individual tabs of the property and address records. First select the module and then the desired tab (Tab column) by clicking on the pencil icon. In the column Category you can see the existing categories for this tab. You can activate / deactivate the categories, change the order and position (left / right), change the name or create new categories.


Create additional tabs

You have the possibility to activate an individual tab in the property and address management. By default, the additional tab is named “Addition”. However, you can rename the name by simply typing the new name in the field and then saving it. You can add categories using the edit icon. Again, there is the additional function that allows you to create your desired category.

To assign individual fields to the categories, you must assign fields or create new fields. You make these settings under the “Input fields” tab.


Please note that in the input fields your newly created katei tab is still named as “addition”.

Create groups in property / address management

You have the option to create sub-tabs or groups for all categories. This works as follows:

Click on the pencil symbol Icon Pen symbol of the respective tab in the desired module on the left. Now the corresponding categories appear in the middle field. There you click again on Icon Pen symbol in the category to which you want to add a subgroup. You can then manage them in the field on the right. Under the “Create new” button, create a sub-tab under a user-defined name.

Disable tabs

Unnecessary tabs can be hidden in the property and address management by removing the check mark in the “Active” column.


Filtering tabs / categories

The filter function can be used to define the conditions under which the category tab or the category should appear. For addresses, the sub-tabs can also be shown/hidden via filters. If a green icon Icon without field filter is displayed in the Filter column, the tab/category is always visible. Once a filter is set, a black info-i Info symbol is displayed.

Clicking on the icon opens the filter dialog. Depending on whether you are in the address or property module, the corresponding categories will be displayed for filtering. You can also define exactly for which groups this should appear. If the checkbox “Automatically activated for new groups” is checked, the settings are applied to all new groups.

Setting individual categories/boxes

In the address data records, you can add further “activity boxes” on the Basic data tab in addition to the general box for displaying activities. An activity box to display specific activities (activity box) and one in which only the users who have created activities are displayed (user from activities). You can add these boxes multiple times and configure the information displayed for each one individually.

The configuration of these boxes is done via the cogwheel symbol Icon Configuration Gear. Using the various selectors (action type, action type etc.) you can individually set what is displayed in the individual boxes. Please note that only user records or their names are displayed in the ‘Users from activities’ box.