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In order to be able to assign interested parties and real estate geographically, it is often not sufficient to provide information on the location and postcode. onOffice works with “regional additions” here.

You first create a structure of the regions in which you market your real estate. The property is assigned an exact position within this structure. The interested party can select any number of regions in his search criteria, so that an assignment on a geographical level is possible


Create new region If you

wish to create a new main region (as in the Aachen example), click on the “Create new region” button. A new line appears under the heading “Region”, which you can edit for your desired region. Then save your entry.

All regions entered here automatically appear there in the category “regional addition” in the “property management”)


Create sub-regions You

also have the option of defining sub-regions for your main regions. You can define either city districts such as Aachen-Mitte, Aachen-West etc. or postcode areas as search criteria.


  • Select your main region. It then appears at the bottom left under the heading “RegionLevel1”.
  • Select the “Create new sub-region” function
  • Select the newly created level below your main region (by clicking). Now enter the subregion “RegionLevel2” (e.g. district).
  • Save your entry
  • To create another region, proceed as described for level 2.

If you now define a postal code area for the entered region, the system takes this into account when searching for the search criteria. This means that if you have not entered a location in a property, but only the postal code, this will be compared with the entered postal code area.


For a further assignment, you can select the country from the corresponding drop-down list

The available countries are activated in the administration under Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Singleselect >> Module: property management >> Key field: Country


Checking the regions

You can check where and whether the location exists using “Checking the region” on the right-hand side.

To do this, select the main region, click on “Check the region” and a pop-up with the list of results will open.


list of regions You can download all your regions using the ‘Download list of regions’ button. A CSV file is created, which is filled with the columns “Description”;”Level”;”Value”;”State”;”Country”. The Value column can be used, for example, to convert regions


Regions can be converted in the export list and uploaded to your onOffice enterprise version by onOffice Support with the changed values


Import region(s)

The “Import region(s)” button allows you to search for a specific region and then import it directly into the software. When you click on the button, a pop-up window opens. Here you have the possibility to search for the desired region. Simply enter the region into the search field and press the Enter key on the keyboard. If the region is stored in the database, this region will be displayed with all subregions. Now all you have to do is select the desired regions and click on the “Import the selected regions” button. These are then imported into onOffice



texts Here you can store suitable description texts for each region. These are automatically inserted into the free text field “Location” of a property as soon as the property is assigned to the region via the regional addition. If you have already entered a text in the Location field, the regional text is not inserted automatically


Please note: If the property is removed from the region, the automatically inserted text in the “Location” field is retained. You must remove this manually

Please select a region first and then click on the ‘Add text for region’ option: In the following dialog you can enter the text for this region

With the option “Apply text to all sub-regions” you can insert text for a layer 1 or layer 2 region, which will be applied as default for all sub-regions.

If you use the multi-language module, you can also specify regional texts for other languages. The text is inserted in the appropriate language according to the country deposited with the property.

Please note: If the region is assigned before the additional language is created, the German regional text is entered in the free text field ‘Location’. Please delete the German text manually and save it, then onOffice will enter the appropriate text for the language. After that you have to save again