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For example, do you have problems setting up property portals? Or you are not sure how to create work lists in your onOffice software? Our tutorials provide you with assistance using different channels.

Step by step

Our step-by-step tutorials are helpful instructions in text form with screenshots on various topics.

Academy onOffice

You can find everything about webinars, training, online training and videos in the onOffice Academy

onOffice has a wide range of webinars ready for you. Expert speakers talk for you about current industry and special topics from the property world.
You can also view recordings of past webinars there.

In the online training sessions, our support staff will explain to you live in the software how a correct application or setting works. You listen and watch comfortably, ask questions, and learn about your desired program features.

For the latest innovations / features and short tutorials in video form, follow our Youtube channel.
In the training videos you will get an insight into property and address management in the shortest possible time, the most important basics for optimizing your work practice and you will learn standards, features and tricks that will speed up your workflow.