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With the onOffice-MLS (Multi Listing System) you can easily and uncomplicatedly process joint transactions with other brokers.

The module icon is only displayed if you could participate in onOffice-MLS in general. There is a separate MLS list for each country, the first step being Germany and Austria. An extension to other countries is planned.

As soon as the onOffice-MLS has been activated, you can use this button to directly access the MLS website.

If the onOffice MDS has not yet been activated, a corresponding information is displayed. As administrator you can activatethe onOffice-MLS directly here.


  • No other property agent can see the address of your property and no other property agent can get the address of your prospective buyer.
  • Images with a watermark may not be transferred to the MLS!

If one of your properties is offered by a fellow property agent, you will receive a corresponding information by email. In this email the property and the name of the property agent’s colleague including contact details are mentioned. No information about the interested party is passed on.

Through the Info-Mail you are always informed as soon as one of your properties has been offered.

Provided you have a prospective buyer whose search request does not match any of the properties in your portfolio. As soon as the onOffice-MLS is activated, you will find a hint with a magnifying glass icon in the property search of your prospective buyer, with which you can find suitable properties in the onOffice-MLS. In the lightbox of the search profile, you will find the item “MLS search” at the bottom of the action bar and in the popup that opens via the magnifying glass symbol in the search profile, there is also a link to the MLS search.

On the tab “Marketing” in your properties, “MLS page onOffice” appears at the portals.

In addition, new fields for the commission fee are displayed in the property under “Prices”. When the onOffice MDS is activated, the fee for external or internal commission is initially set to “50%” by default for all existing properties. Of course you can adjust this according to your needs.

Using Quicksearch, you can search for specific properties in the property search via an additional field “MLS stock exchange”.

If you are interested in onOffice-MLS, please contact your sales contact or the onOffice support.