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List a property


levy To transfer property to onOffice-MLS, a commission levy must exist. A value or text must be entered in at least one of the fields “MLS external commission fee / MLS internal commission fee / MLS tax fee”.
By default, the external or internal commission is set to 50%. You can customize that.



If your images are watermarked, you must set images without watermarks. Instructions can be found here.


If the special free text fields are available, their content is transferred to the MLS pages. Please note, however, that the free text fields must be filled with text and not empty. Otherwise, only the usual property description is transferred. It should also be noted that no formatting, such as links, HTML elements, etc. may be included, as these are removed during transmission.

You can then publish the property in onOffice-MLS. To do this, click on the “Reset property” icon on the “MLS Page onOffice” tab in the Marketing the property tab of the portals. If the portal status icon appears green, the transmission was successful.

Immobilie bei onOffice-MLS veröffentlichen
The address of the property is not visible in the onOffice-MLS!

ATTENTION: The free text field “Other information” is not transferred to the onOffice-MLS