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The dashboard opens directly when you log in and gives you an overview of your current daily business.

Dashboard als Übersicht für alles.

You can customize the dashboard by placing different widgets (windows) there. So you always have a quick overview of appointments, emails, follow-ups and tasks.

You can also display statistics as a widget on the dashboard.

The following widgets are available by default:

  • Unread emails in the inbox
  • Dates
  • Follow-ups
  • Tasks

Additional tabs can be added to the dashboard to group the widgets more clearly. The individual widgets can in turn be configured in different ways.

With the add-on module Statistics Construction Kit you can also add more statistics in separate tabs in the dashboard. For example, you can distribute certain statistics to all users without giving everyone access to the statistics toolbox . It is possible to switch to the display in the dashboard, but it is not possible to switch back to the statistics board. Please contact your sales contact person.

To differentiate, the statistic tabs on the left show the symbol of the statistics module Statistics icon for statistics tabs in the dashboard.

The method of operation and configuration remains the same, it is explained in detail in the statistics module .

Display of failed jobs:

A job refers to a portal transfer. If an error has occurred since the last time you checked the portal transfers you started, a message is displayed on the dashboard above the tab bar.

By clicking on the message you switch directly to the overview of the portal transmissions. Here you can check the failed job and restart it if necessary. After checking the job overview, the note disappears from the dashboard.