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Similar to the singleselect fields, additional values for the multiselect fields are entered here. Help for creating the multiselect fields can be found under the menu item “Input fields”. In the following we will consider the “Heating type” field.

In multiselect fields, several values can always be selected at the same time.

To change or extend the values for the heating type, switch to the “Multiselect” tab in the administration. Select the “properties” module and the “Heating type” category. You can add more values using the “Create Multiselect” button.

Via “Download list” you can download a list of all multiselect fields of all modules including all possible values as CSV file.

Layers under Multiselect

The structure in the multiselect can be created in several levels as shown in the following example.

To assign the second level to the values in the administration, enter a 2 in the “Level” column on the “Multiselect” tab for the desired values. Only when this setting is saved can the parent level be selected in the “Father” column. In the following example, this would be the interested party 1.


You can use the “+” and “-” icons to show or hide the layers.

Field filter

For the individual key fields you can set the field filters as usual under the Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Input Fields . The individual key values can be set for the key fields on the Multiselect tab for the respective value. You can find more information about the field filter here.

Data set characteristics

Record characteristics allow you to show or hide fields in address / property records. For this purpose the field filters are used, where the category “record characteristic” has been added. This makes it even more flexible to control the display of fields.

Record characteristics are created as multiselect keys for properties or addresses. After that, they appear in the “Record Characteristic” category of the field filters and can be selected.
When does the field filter take effect and the field appears? For this purpose, the data set must fulfill the condition for the data set characteristic – e.g. by manually selecting the multiselect value in the Basic data >> Management category (or in the case of properties Basic data >> Technical data category) of the data set.

The second possibility is to store a formula in the record characteristic, as soon as this “fits” the field is automatically displayed. As conditions formulas can be linked with AND, OR or NOT.

(AND([vermarktungsart]=”miete”;[objektart]=”wohnung”;[kaltmiete]>”800,00″)) This record characteristic would only take effect if the property type ‘apartment’ AND the marketing type ‘rent’, as well as the cold rent price is greater than ‘800,-€’.

Please note that the individual categories in the field filters are linked with AND. This means that if you create, for example, a record characteristic with conditions / properties that exist as their own field filter category, then these these categories will remain empty. Reason: a property cannot have, for example, 2 property types or multiple use types.

To make this easier to check, all selected and all applicable record characteristic entries are listed in the dropdown in the basic data (Administration category for addresses or Basic data >> Technical data category for properties).