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Search criteria

The wishes of the interested parties are recorded as search criteria and summarized in search profiles. With the property search you can then find suitable properties to match. In principle, any active field/property of property is possible as a search criterion.
Details on the handling of search profiles and the property search can be found in the addresses and properties and the configuration itself in a tutorial.

You can set the defaults for the search profiles in Administration. Which fields are displayed as search criteria, which are KO criteria, which are mandatory fields and which are displayed to the interested parties in the address completion . Using templates, records of criteria can be used for different cases.

Fields with field filters such as cold rent and purchase price can be activated at the same time – i.e. ticked as search criteria. The field filter hides the unsuitable ones when choosing the marketing method.

Columns at a glance

  • Field name/field contents: Which fields can appear in the search criteria? Here you will find all fields that are activated for property. You can now select the desired ones (Search criterion column).
    Here, “Field content” is the field name as it appears in the detailed property view .
  • Pos.: Using the Pos. column or the arrows at the far right of the list, you can determine the order of the fields in the search criteria. 
  • KO criterion: Via the selection option “KO criterion” you define the details that are decisive for the interested party. A property must meet these requirements in order to be listed in the property search. “Normal” criteria that are not met lead to a lower match between the property and the search profile.
  • Search criterion: The “Search criterion” option allows you to define whether a field / property is available by default in the lightbox when creating / editing a search profile.
  • Public: If you have activated the onOffice“Tenant / Buyer Finder or I-Service” on your website, the owner will be shown the selected search criteria – only the search criteria, no address data will be displayed.
  • AV: via the “AV” option you can define whether this search criterion should be listed in the address completion .
  • Mandatory field: if you activate the field contents as mandatory field, this information must be filled in by the respective interested parties. Otherwise the search profile cannot be saved.


After saving / saving changes a dialog appears. For changes that should only be applied to newly created search profiles, click Cancel in the dialog.

ATTENTION: with OK all existing search profiles are changed.

Search Profile Template

Use a template with suitable search criteria for the different types of property. The templates are offeredfor selection in the search profile lightbox.
The standard settings, i.e. without template, are obtained if you select “no template” as SK template.


To store a template, select the search criteria, KO criterion and mandatory field accordingly. Then click on “Create template” and give the template a name.


To modify an existing template, select it in the “SK Template” field, add or remove the desired criteria and then save. The change only applies to search profiles created after this.