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Detailed property view

You can find the detailed property view by opening a property record. The info bar on the left is visible in all tabs and shows the most important information about the property. Via the administration you can define which information is shown.

You can find a detailed video on working with properties here.

When creating property, you can specify the default or standard value for selection fields (single select or multiselect). This is generally done in the administration, for fields such as country, each user can define this individually. For this purpose please go to Tools >> Settings >> User >> User name >> Settings tab >> New entry category. There you can define specifications for creating property and other data records.


The info bar lists by default:

  • property picture: By clicking on the property title picture a slide show of all property pictures opens.
  • property no. This is the property number you assigned, which you can change in the master data of the property.
  • Price: The next item is the price of the property, the value of the purchase price/cold rent is shown here.
  • Address The address of the property, which is made up of the geographical information.
  • Owner: In this field, the owner of the property is displayed, if stored. You can open the address record directly using the stylus.

These fields can be adjusted in order and visibility via Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Lists >> Info bar property . Additional fields can also be added.