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Property Completion

An important function is the property completion. Write an e-mail to your owner with a link and ask him to check the existing data of his property and add data if necessary.

The supervisor of the property receives a notification as soon as the owner has made changes. The dispatch, as well as the reply, will be filed in the broker’s book.

The link for property completion is valid for 7 days.


You can define the fields that are to be queried in the property completion in the administration in the tab “Input fields” under the module Property / property management . To do this, simply place a tick in the corresponding field in the “IV” column (property completion).

Property completion out of the property

You can call up the property completion by clicking on Further actions >> Property completion in the detailed view of a property. The e-mail window opens with the onOffice property completion template, but you can also choose your own template. Please review the contents before sending the property completion.


Please note that the entry in the Actions bar will only be visible if the selected property has a contact record linked to it in the Owner category/box.

e-mail dispatch and form

Once you have created an e-mail from a property or contact record, you can send it.

The owner will now receive an e-mail with a link to open the property completion.

After the owner has followed the link, the following dialog appears:

The owner can now check the data and add to it if necessary.

File upload

In addition to completing the data, the owner can also send you files with the property completion, e.g. the energy certificate of the property. These files can be found in the “Files” tab of the property module. Image files are listed under “External”, PDF documents are listed under “Internal”. Image files, PDF files and Word files can be uploaded. Note that the image files are downsized to the default size.

Further information to the broker

Additional information can be entered in the field “Further information to the broker”. This entry will appear in the property’s agent book, as well as in the notification e-mail sent to the property’s agent.


After the owner completes and saves the data, the property’s supervisor will receive an e-mail notification.

Insert macro in e-mail

With the macro “_Imo_Vervollstaendigung” you can include a link for property completion in all e-mails. If multiple properties are linked to the mail, the property completion link will only be inserted for the first linked property.