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The “Files” tab includes the options to upload and optimize all files such as pictures, brochures and floor plans that belong to your respective property. The image module makes it possible to upload several images at the same time and to make changes conveniently using the image preview.

The sorting of the images can be done by simply clicking and dragging the images. Label the images by simply writing the image title below the image in the line. You mark a title image by setting the “dot” in the upper left corner of the image (radio button). Note that the entries must be saved before you switch the tab.

Separation between external and internal documents

You will always find your photos, site plans and floor plans on the “External” tab. If you store documents in property that should never be published, the files can be marked as file type “internal document”. They are then automatically displayed on the “Internal” tab.

“Edit image”

If you want to edit an image after uploading it, you can use PhotoDesigner from the Marketplace.

If the Marketplace provider “PhotoDesigner” is activated for you, you will find the entry “PhotoDesigner” under Properties >> Files in the Marketplace category.

More information about the image editor can be found at the Marketplace sellers at PhotoDesigner.

View and open images

If you want to view an image in full screen mode in the “External” tab, click on the “double arrow” to the left of the edit icon. You can view all images in full screen mode here by clicking or using the right and left arrow keys on the keyboard.
If you want to open an image or file in the “Internal” tab, double-click on the icon in the “Type” column. This will allow you to download the file and then open it. This depends on what download options you have set in your browser.

Your pictures – your individual order

You can choose the title picture for your property by clicking on the dot in the upper left corner of the picture (radio button). Then select the correct sequence of images: To get the desired order, simply click on the image you want to move, hold down the mouse button and drag and drop the image to the desired location. You enter the title by simply clicking on the image and writing the text in the line below.

The plus of individuality: We would be happy to create an image gallery for your homepage that is specially tailored to your company – just ask us!

Download all files

With this function you have the possibility to download all deposited pictures as .zip-file to your PC. The button “download all files” can be found in the category of files at the bottom right.

A pop-up window will open where you can select all or only certain types of files to download. Files can always be downloaded from the “External” and “Internal” tabs, no matter from where you called the “download all files”. The selection of file types remembers enterprise for the call from the tab “External”, for “Internal” is always only “Documents internal” selected.
For the name of the files in the download you can choose between document type and ID (Foto_5629.jpg) and the file title – i.e. the text on the pictures. You can set the default in the basic settings .

If you only want to download individual images, you can do this for selected images via the “Mass processing” .

Your images – the basic settings

In the basic settings you make basic settings around your image files. Go to Extras >> Settings >> Basic settings >> General

You can protect your images from misuse by adding a watermark. The “Watermark” function provides you with two lines in which you can enter text. Click with the mouse into one of these fields and enter here for example your company name. Furthermore, you now have the option to select where the watermark should appear in the image. Here you can choose between “Transparent centered” or “Bottom right”. If you select “Transparent centered”, the water sign will be displayed transparently in the center of the image, and if you select “Bottom right”, it will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the image.

How to embed your logo or a graphic as a watermark using the “Watermark (Imageuploader)” function can be found here.