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Mass processing

Editmultiple files simultaneously

You can also edit multiple files simultaneously. To select the files for editing, hold down the CTRL key and click with the mouse on each file to be edited to highlight it.
Important: You must press and hold the CTRL key before selecting the files with the mouse

Note: For Apple, please

use the CMD/apple key

Mass processing of files

Edit selected files

Under the button Button Ausgewählte Dateien bearbeiten you can make settings for the selected images for publication or for the file type


Delete selected files

With the button Button ausgewählte Dateien löschen  you can delete the selected images.

Download selected files

Under the button Ausgewählte Dateien herunterladen you  can download single selected images. The file name depends on the default in the basic settings >> Miscellaneous. If you have activated “Save images in higher quality”, you will be asked whether the images should also be downloaded in their original size