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The Details tab is divided into the categories Equipment, Condition, Infrastructure and Administration. Especially in the Equipment category, numerous additional features can be addedto the administration as required. Again, note the key values highlighted in color

If you have a property with the usage type “temporary living” and you need the “non-smoker” field, this can be done under Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Tab: Input fields >> Module: Property Management >> Category: Management
to be activated. This is a key field in which you can choose between “Yes”, “No” and “No details”. This field can also be activated for other usage types


spaces In this multiselect field you can enter different types of parking spaces for a property if necessary. Please note that only one type of parking space per property is transferred to immobilienscout24. For its selection there is a separate field “Default value” at the bottom of the window

If several parking spaces and parking space types are available, “Total” can be selected in the Default value field for transfer to immobilienscout24. Then the sum of the individual prices and the sum of the parking spaces is transferred to immobilienscout24. However, the parking space type “not specified” will then be published

The multiselect field “Parking spaces” can be accessed under Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Tab: Input fields >> Module: Property Management >> Category: Equipment to be

Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV)


These fields and the description refer to the Energy Saving Ordinance in Germany. There are also fields for Austria and Switzerland. These can be found in the administration in the module: Real Estate Management, Category: State to be activated

There are two types of energy certificate: the consumption card and the demand card. For commercial properties, this information must be given separately for heat and electricity. The exceptions (monuments, holiday flats etc.) and special cases (mixed use) can be found in the ordinance.

The values for the EnEV, i.e. those from the badge, are entered on the “Details” tab in the “State” category. The following fields (if activated in the administration) are available for this purpose:

  • Energy certificate (residential / commercial, consumption / demand, No obligation, No information, available for inspection) Final
  • energy consumption (In old certificates also energy consumption characteristic)
  • Energy certificate valid until
  • final energy demand Year of
  • construction according to the energy certificate of
  • major energy sources
  • Energy efficiency class (required for certificates issued after 01.05.2014) Hot
  • water contained (depending on the certificate this value is not included)


certificate In the Energy certificate field you specify the type of certificate (demand or consumption). The distinction between residential and commercial real estate is also made here. If your property does not require an energy certificate, please select ‘there is no obligation’. If no energy certificate is available, please select ‘without energy certificate’.

Final energy consumption / final energy

demand Depending on the type of certificate available, please enter the energy value in the field Final energy consumption or Final energy demand.

Year of construction according to the energy

certificate Please always indicate the year of construction from the certificate here.


efficiency class The field must be activated manually. This information is only required for ID cards issued after 01.05.2014.

Hot water included

For cards issued before 01.05.2014, the value may not be included. The energy consumption parameter must then be increased by a flat-rate value. Please refer to EnEV 2014 §29 for details

Commercial properties

For properties with the usage type commercial, the following additional fields are displayed:

  • Final energy requirement (heat) Final energy
  • consumption (heat) Final energy
  • requirement (electricity) Final energy
  • consumption (electricity)

If the fields are required for other usage types / object types, they can be activated in the administration.

Transmission to portals

Not all portals support the transmission of the energy pass values. So that you can meet the legal requirements, there is the option of automatically transferring the values as part of the real estate description to the portals (which support the openImmo standard). For all portals with the openImmo interface, you can activate or deactivate the transfer in the basic settings


ATTENTION: The transfer as part of the property description must be activated by you

Transfer to your own website

The energy pass data is automatically displayed on the websites created by onOffice. The data is inserted at the beginning of the property description. You can deactivate the display in the basic settings.


In the brochures provided by onOffice, the energy performance certificate values are usually listed in the real estate details, if values have been entered. For your own safety, please check that all information is displayed correctly in the brochure.

The situation may be different for individual brochures. Please check all your individual brochures to see if the data is displayed. An adaptation must be ordered by you from onOffice


The fields “Energy efficiency class” and “Hot water included” must be activated separately in the administration.