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Free texts

Enter the texts for your properties here. Note that some portals limit the maximum number of characters in the fields. The character counter below the text fields provides information on the number of characters used so far.

Other free text fields

It is possible to activate additional free text fields for specific purposes.
You can do this in the administration under Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Input fields in the properties module and the Free text fields category.
The selected fields are then used instead of the standard fields there or transferred there if you have content. There are 6 optional free text fields (no portal transfer) to provide additional texts, e.g. for brochures, as well as free text fields for the showcase TV and for MLS pages.

Create variation between the different free texts (portals, brochure, website …). You can find an example of this in the Möllerherm Immobilien blog post.

Translate free texts

With the multi-language module you can create the property in several languages and transfer them suitably to portals and websites.

onOffice now offers the translation function of DeepL to automatically translate free texts of the properties.

Each free text field in which texts can be entered in multiple languages displays a globe icon in the top right-hand corner . Use this icon to open the automatic translation function. The languages to be translated can be ticked in the popup and translated by clicking on the “Translate” button.
  Automatic translation is available for some languages. If a language is not possible, this is marked with an info text.