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Actions bar Detail view

The properties Action Bar contains all the functions and actions that can be executed with a properties data record. The action bar is located at the bottom

Write email

You can use this function to create an email with macros for each property

Create brochures

This button allows you to create a Word, PDF or HTML brochure of the selected property. Different variants, such as long or short, are available.

Contact us

  • Write letter
    You can use this function to write a letter with stored macros for the respective properties.
  • Write Fax
    You can use this function to create a fax with macros for each property.


Other actions

  • Recalculation of fields
    This option allows you to reset the calculation fields that can be overwritten manually.
  • properties Completion
    An email will be sent to the owner of the property containing a link to the presentation of the existing properties data. The owner can control and complete the data directly.
  • Record
    rights Here you can call up the individual record rights for the opened properties record.
  • Extend
    worklist Extend your existing worklist with the selected property.
  • Duplicate
    By clicking on this button you can duplicate the selected property.
  • Delete
    Click on this button to delete the selected property.
  • Assign master object
    This assigns the properties to a master object as a unit. Please note that this option is only available in the Multi-properties module.


With this button you can create the property in another language or display the existing languages. You can switch to another language to edit the information in that language. The list of possible languages is configured in the administration


Please note that this is a chargeable add-on module. Please contact your sales contact person