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Prices / Areas

This mask consists of two areas, on the left you can enter the data for the prices, on the right for the areas. The contents, or fields, offered on this screen depend on the details of the usage and sales type you have specified in the Basic data tab. First of all, all the data that are released for the corresponding category appear. For example, the Purchase price field is not displayed for a rental property.

In the administration you can define which field appears in which category. In the input fields such as price or square meter information, you must use numerical values. Here you must note that decimal places are to be separated with a point and not with a comma . Do not use a thousands separator. Likewise, you may not place currency symbols or size specifications in these fields.

Country specific fields

Each country has its own specifications as to what prices and areas are used. Therefore, different fields may appear here for you, depending on which fields have been activated for you. As in all other places, fields can be enabled or disabled in the administration .

Automatic field calculation

How to enable automatic field calculation:

Tools >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> General tab >> “Automatic field calculation” category >> activate

The automatic field calculation completes the prices as follows:

Service charges = heating costs + operating costs
Warm rent = Service charges + cold rent + parking space rent
Rent_price_per_sqm = cold rent / living space
Purchase price_per_sqm = purchase price / living space

Commission fields and automatic field calculation

Outside commission and inside commission

These two fields are text fields in which you can store numerical values, percentages and values by abbreviations. The information is used to automatically calculate totals, amounts and percentages.

Percentage values (numerical value and percentage sign) can be read out, value amounts are marked with a currency indication (Euro, EUR or €).
For rental properties you can also refer to cold or warm rents, written out or with abbreviations. E.g. X cold rent, X WM or X KM.

Please note that double entries of e.g. a fixed value and a percentage value are not possible.

Automatic calculation of the commission

The basis for the automatic calculation is the purchase price or the warm rent or cold rent. With the information the two fields, outside and inside commission can then be calculated the fields Commission Amount and Total Outside Commission / Total Inside Commission and Percent Outside Commission / Percent Inside Commission. These fields only display values and are not editable. The fields can be enabled or disabled in the administration.

In the case of transactions with consumers, according to the Brokerage Act §656c BGB, the internal and external commission must match, or according to §656d BGB, the external commission may not be higher than the internal commission.

This applies to the sale of houses and apartments. The system now checks for affected property and usage types and issues a note if necessary.

The deposit

Unfortunately, since the portals define the deposit field differently, you need to pay attention to the following when entering it.

  • for the properties scout text can be entered here, e.g. 2 months rent
  • for the other portals a numeric value must be entered

To solve this problem with a single input, your text input is converted to a numeric value. For example, if you specify “2 KM”, the two cold rents will be converted into a euro amount, i.e. 2 * cold rent. If you enter “900€”, the Euro sign will simply be filtered out during export.

Price per m²

You can also specify the price per square meter and let the system calculate the properties price. To do this, you must activate the following fields in the administration :

  • Calculation basis
  • Purchase price per sqm
  • Rental price per sqm

Starting from the value selected in the Calculation base field, the third value is calculated based on the area. In the basic settings you can set whether an existing price is overwritten. If ‘No specification’ is selected, no calculation is performed either. As an example, when selecting flat price, the price per m² is calculated from a purchase price and the (living) area.

The area for residential properties is the living area, for commercial properties the total area (or if not specified, the sum of the partial areas) and for land the size of the plot.

Price on demand

If you do not want to transmit the purchase price to the portals, but want the note “Price on request”, you should not enter the digit “0” in the Purchase price field. In this case no new prospective customers are found over the prospective customer search and the properties if necessary with “0” euro in the portal are stopped.
For the “Price on request”, enable the field of the same name in the administration . For properties where no price is to be transmitted, check the box next to the “Price on request” field in the Prices/Areas category. In this way, the property is transmitted to the portals and in most portals the value “Purchase price on request” then appears in the Purchase price field.


This information applies to most major portals. Please note that “Price on request” is only defined for purchase properties and only accepts this for commercial properties.