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Basic data

By default, the following categories appear on the Basic Data tab:

  • Technical specifications
  • Geographical indications
  • Category link to owner
  • Link to contact person

Most of the information here is self-explanatory. However, some points need to be highlighted.

When creating property, you can specify the default or standard value for selection fields (single select or multiselect). This is generally done in the administration, for fields such as country, each user can define this individually. To do this, please go to Tools >> Settings >> User >> User name >> Settings tab >> New entry category. There you can define specifications for creating property and other data records.


The external property number

The external property number is automatically assigned by the system when you create a property. You can determinethe pattern according to which this number is assigned in the basic settings of your system. Subsequent changes to the external property number can be assigned as rights to individual users .


Never change the property number of properties that are already listed in portals. Otherwise, the properties can no longer be deleted from the portals or are set twice.

Archiving property

You can set the status “Active”, “Inactive” or “Archived” via the property status.
Properties published on portals cannot be set to inactive or archived. Please remove the property from the market before. Properties that are only marked for publication can be archived.

Warning notice

This field gives you the possibility to mark important information about the respective property with a warning in orange. The warning can be entered per language of a property. To do this, you must deactivate multilingualism for the Warning field in the administration .


The Warning field must be activated in the Administration under the “Input fields” tab, “Property management” module, “Technical specifications” category.


Here you can enter a keyword that would make it easier for you to find an property. This could be the name of a large facility or a business / office park, the name of a shopping mall where you are selling properties. You can search for this name in Quicksearch and in all search or assignment dialogs using the External property Number field.


The Keyword field must be activated in the Administration under the “Input fields” tab, “property management” module, “Technical specifications” category.

Geo validation

If the address entered is incorrect, the location pin will be marked with a red cross to the right of the city.

For an address to be displayed as valid, the fields “Street”, “Postcode”, “City” and “Country” must be filled in and match a valid address. The house number does not play a role in validation.

The regional addition

The structure of the regional supplements in which the properties are marketed can be setin the software administration. As a regional addition, the region or city of the property can be selected.

Regional addition in a property

If the pencil is clicked to open the regional additions, a popup appears in which all regions are listed. Using the option “Match regions with postcode and location from the property”, only regions are displayed where either the location or the postcode matches the information in the region.
If the option“Consider country in regional additions” is active in the basic settings, the output of the regions can also be restricted using a country selector.

Regional additions are maintained in the administration . There, existing regions can be modified and new regions can be created or imported.

If postal code areas were defined in the administration when you created your regions, these must also be taken into account when creating the geographical data. For example, if you have assigned the postcode 52223 to the region “Stolberg” in the administration, then the postcode 52222 is not permitted for a property that is to be located in Stolberg.

To transfer information about the region of properties to Immobilienscout24 whose country is NOT Germany, you can use the field “Scout-Region”. This field is visible if the country of the property is not “Germany”.

Assigning the contact person

Here, a contact person can be assigned to the properties. The “Assign” button can be used to link an already existing address data record. To remove the link again, simply click on the icon with the red X. By clicking on “New” you can create a new address record and link it to the property. The “Email” button opens the email dialog and all linked contact persons are entered as recipients.
These functions also apply to the owner.

To ensure that the address of the contact person is also transmitted to the portals, the contact type “broker” must be selected there. This is automatically the case if you haveassigned a broker address record.

As long as no real estate agent is linked, the address from the basic data of the software is given as contact person for this property.

In order to add the contact person of the property to the broker business directory of Immobilienscout 24, the contact type “IS24 business directory contact” is also required.

The following diagram serves as an illustration.

Buyer and tenant boxes

You can add these boxes in the administration under Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Settings >> Basic Data and the Singleselect field. Here you can enter which property the interested party has already rented or bought.