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Broker address record

What is a broker address record

The broker address record is a “normal address record” that has the contact type broker.

With the broker address record, you can control what contact information is published for each property. If the real estate agent’s address record is stored in a property as a contact person, his contact information is transferred to the portals and published in the exposés. If there is no real estate agent address data record for a property, the “office data” from the basic settings are taken over. You can store individual contact information or e.g. a collective e-mail address in the broker address record.

How does an address record become a broker address record

Create an address record for each broker and enter his official company contact details there. Please do not use the address data record you have created for the employee. You then assign the contact type broker to the new address record in the “Administration” category.

If you now enter the address data record as a contact person for a property, its contact data will be used in the publication. If several real estate agent address records are linked as contact persons for a property, only the first real estate agent address record is used in the publication.

Number of broker address records

It is best if you create a broker address record for each of your brokers. This allows you to manually assign your individual contact person to each property.

Automatic assignment of broker address record

You can also have a broker address record automatically assigned to the newly created properties as a contact person. For this purpose, a broker address record is linked to the user in the user settings.

You configure automatic assignment via the menu Tools >> User >> User name in the tab “Basic data” by clicking on the arrow symbol. Here you can search and assign the broker address record from your address records.

This broker address record is now permanently connected to this user. Now this broker address record is always assigned as contact person when the user creates a new property.