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List view Addresses

When opening the address management, the list view is displayed. The overview of your customers, prospects and other addresses is displayed comfortably.

You can use filters and work lists to reduce the address data records displayed to the desired ones. Addresses from regularly used worklists or filters can be conveniently displayed in a separate list tab.

For better differentiation, active addresses are displayed in “black” and archived addresses are “greyed out/grey”. Only address data records to which the logged in user has read access are displayed. The detailed view of an address data record can be accessed by clicking on the pencil Edit Symbolsymbol .

The other elements are arranged around the content area, which displays the address records:

  • Toolbar: The toolbar is always visible, but gets the additional selections for address filters and work listsin the address module.
  • Navigation bar: The left part of the navigation bar displays the view parameters for the selected tab, e.g. filter name, worklist name, status, etc.
    In the right area you see the number of records displayed in this tab. You will also find out how many pages there are, which of them you are currently on and you can use the arrows to scroll through the pages.
  • Action bar: Here are the possible actions. The action is performed for the selected data records – i.e. those with the checkbox set. How many are selected is shown in the navigation bar. The content of the action bar changes depending on whether you are in the list view or in an address record.