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With the contact categories you can classify your contacts and map address hierarchies of e.g. companies or even create owner / heir communities. Individual multi-level hierarchies are possible.

Here is a short video on how to set up the address hierarchy:

Once you have activated the contact category, the appropriate fields and field filters will be unlocked. These are already preconfigured, but can be customized by you. Do you have an individual field which, for example, should only be displayed for one company? Then add the contact category “Company” to the field filter of this field. You can find more information here.

What changes after activating and selecting the contact category?

By activating the contact category, a new single-select field“Contact category” is displayed in the addresses under the Customer number field. You can use this field to specify whether the record you are opening is, for example, a company or a private customer.

This will directly display the appropriate fields for the contact category. Among other things, “link fields” are displayed, allowing you to quickly add an address record to an existing address hierarchy or create a higher level  .

Good to know!

The postal address of a parent address record is transferred to the child one.


The Relationship tab allows you to manage the relationships and the structures of the addresses. There, a distinction is made between two areas:

parent level and child level / address > Hierarchy mapping of links, hierarchical relationships.

Main contacts and sub-contacts > The linking of (natural) persons with each other, personal relationship. 

Via the table “parent level/address” you assign the opened address to a legal entity (e.g. company) or an association (community of heirs). In “subordinate level/address” you subordinate other addresses to the opened address accordingly, this table is available exclusively in all jur. persons and associations.

 You can assign existing records in the tables or create new ones.

Good to know!

The postal address of a parent address record is transferred to the child one.

Graphical view of the hierarchy

The“Hierarchy View” button allows you to view a graphical representation of the relationships / links. In the view it is possible to open the respective record in a new tab by clicking on it. In addition, the hierarchy view can also be opened in the info bar via the icon.

List configuration

Existing list configurations must be adapted in the administration so that, among other things, the designations of e.g. communities of heirs can be output in a list. In the administration, the following lists in particular have to be adapted for the “Addresses” module:

  • Main list
  • Search result list
  • Last accessed records

Add the “Contact” (Available fields – Advanced) and “Contact category” (Available fields – General) fields to the Applied fields here. In the “Contact” column, all designation fields of all contact categories are output. (e.g. designation of the community of heirs, the company, etc.)

Notice: These manual steps were not automated on the part of onOffice, since the column arrangement of the lists was most likely already adapted to the customer needs in many clients and a possibly not meaningful classification would take place.

In various lists for addresses, each user can also add or move the Contact and Contact Category fields independently via the List Configurationbutton button to add or move the Contact and Contact Category fields.

New list tabs for addresses - filters

In a separate address list tab, you can restrict the display to a contact category by selecting “Contact category” as “Mode” in the tab configuration and restricting the list to listing all companies, for example. If this list tab is open and you create a new record via the Plus button, it will now be created immediately, e.g. as a company.