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Contact hierarchy

Should you test the contact hierarchy and then deactivate it again, all hierarchical links and contact categories will be deleted.

For this reason, only test the function with newly created contacts for the time being, as long as you have not yet decided to use the function permanently.

The “Relationships” tab allows you to link contacts to each other. This area has now been extended to map contact relationships hierarchically. The result is an contact hierarchy as a tree structure in which, for example, all contact persons and their relationship to each other in a company or a community of heirs are displayed. The new contact hierarchy structures your contact database even more clearly. Network contacts within the tree structure to see exactly who is the correct contact at which level of an institution at any time.

Contact category

The contact category is an extension of the relationships currently maintainable in onOffice. The field allows you to specify the type of contact. Various contact categories are already defined in the administration. For example, you can make contacts to companies, offices, departments, business customers, communities of heirs or owners. The Contact category field is created inactive in your onOffice version. By enabling, various fields and field filters are activated, which are required for the displays of the contact hierarchy.