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To add another Singleselect field here, first select the corresponding module and the category in which the field is located on the “Singleselect” tab.

By selecting “Default” , default values for key fields can be specified. For example, it can be set that all newly created addresses have the “Yes” option entered in the “Newsletter” field

Click the “Create new key” button to add another line. Enter the desired value in the “Contents” column.

Via “Download list” you can download a list of all single read select fields of all modules as CSV file


Note that individually created key values cannot be transferred to the portals because they are not part of the interface


filters The field filters for the individual key fields can be set as usual under Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Input fields . The individual key values can be set for the key fields on the Singleselect tab. More information about the field filter can be found here