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Address completion

You have created a new contact and need the complete details of the person? Do you need further information or a scan of the identity card for the money laundering law? You want to be remembered?
Send your prospects an address completion. You can use it to request new information or ask your customers to check that the information is up to date.

You can have only the address and contact data, the search criteria, the data for the money laundering law or the corresponding combinations checked. In addition, you can ask further questions, such as confirming the terms and conditions.

The direct completion can be found under“Address completion – where and how“, as multiple completion it is explained under“Serial addresscompletion”.

You will be informed about the changes by the interested party by email – if desired – and can then initiate the further steps. The confirmation of the terms and conditions, the wish for the newsletter etc. is of course stored in the activities of the interested party.

By the way, the completion is not only available for addresses, but also for property.