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Contact completion – What does the customer see?

E-mail to the interested party

When you have sent the contact completion, the customer will receive an e-mail with the configured text, your logo and a link to the data.


It should be noted that the sent link expires after a period of 14 days and then can no longer be used.

Input form

Whether you have sent the direct contact completion or a serial contact completion does not matter for the function. When the customer clicks on the link in the e-mail, he always gets to see the same form.

Via the link in the e-mail, the interested party can now view, update and complete his data. In the area ‘Your search request’ up to 5 search profiles can be edited, deleted or also created.

For the “Edit” mode you can select in the Basic settings >> Automation >> General >> Contact completion category whether all or only the first search profile is sent to the customer for editing.

If the interested party deletes a search profile, it will be set to inactive in the contact. Only onOffice users can really delete search profiles. If a search profile is newly created or deactivated via the contact completion, this is entered in the ‘internal remarks’ of the search profile.