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Basic data

Enter your complete master data here. If you have not entered a contact person for your properties, your master data will automatically be entered in the portals as a contact person.

Email technical contact

Enter here the email address in which you want to receive technical information. This email address is used exclusively by the system to inform about cancellations or errors in the system.

The active client Marketplace account is displayed here.

Here you can enter the details of your company’s corporate identity. This information can be retrieved later in templates. Please note that not all templates use the values stored here.

Templates and web forms


Under Features/CI you have the option of uploading your company logo.
You can output this logo using the OSG_Pictures macro (_OSG_Bilder(Logo,1,200,200,px,mail)# in an email and _OSG_Bilder(Logo,1,200,200,px,free)# in a letter). Detailed instructions on how to use the OSG image macro can be found in onOffice enterprise via the Help menu >> Macro list.


Enter your company colors here. You can define main, secondary and font colors. You can select colors using a color picker or enter the color code of your corporate identity in the fields. After saving, the color code field is filled with the selected color.


Enter your company slogan here, if available.


You can enter your company colors, which are displayed in the software, in the lower area of the features/CI.
The system color defines the color in which the page elements, such as the module bar and Quicksearch, are displayed. In the modulicon area, you can define their color and the background shading. The color of the warning notice can be adjusted. This color is also used to change the background color of the selected filters and work lists for addresses, properties and in Quicksearch.
There are two options under the colors. The first allows you to display your logo – if available – for all users via the Quicksearch. If the logo is displayed in onOffice enterprise, the link to the URL from the basic settings or the office group settings is also stored, if available. The second option allows you to specify your CI for all users of your version.

The language set as the system language for your version is displayed here.

You have had your website created via onOffice? Then the information will be displayed in the imprint section on your homepage.

Here you can set the legal notice. The checkbox can be used to control whether the legal notice is displayed in brochures.

Centrally deposit a short statement about your company. The content can be retrieved with a macro (_Mdtueberuns) and included in emails or PDF templates.

Here you have the possibility to upload your GTC’s as a PDF document. These GTCs will then be sent with the address completion and the confirmation of the brochure view. If you deposit your T&Cs here, this PDF document will be offered for download in the PDF link view. If no terms and conditions were uploaded, the legal notice from the basic settings is displayed. Additionally, you can customize the GTC text for address completion here.