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You have the possibility to send faxes with onOffice enterprise edition. The costs for sending a fax are charged via the credit system and amount to 7 ct.

Sending via the Email module

To create a fax, use the Email dialog, click on “Fax” in the upper right corner. Now enter the recipient’s number in the fax field. enterprise edition will suggest suitable addresses.

You can also start sending from an address record via Action bar >> Contact >>Fax . The fax number is automatically taken over.

When sending a fax, attachments of certain file types can also be sent. A list of these file types can be found here.

Sending to multiple recipients is also possible. In addition, you can also send “mini-serial faxes” with a personal address via the “Separate recipients” tab, as with Emails.

Mixed sending of fax and Email is also possible.

Dispatch confirmation and status of sent faxes

To check whether the faxes have been sent and what costs were incurred for sending them, please use the fax statistics Statistics >> Fax Sending. The connection data of the last 2 months are stored here. The faxes themselves remain available for 14 days after being sent.