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With a newsletter you can always keep your contacts and interested parties informed about news on property and your office.

With the double opt-in procedure you can avoid problems with unwanted email newsletters.

You can integrate the newsletter order into all your email templates and also configure it for special cases such as address completion or cancellation .

Ordering, unsubscribing etc. of the newsletter is noted in the activities of the address data record.

onOffice enterprise edition contains a ready address filter “Newsletter dispatch” for all addresses that have ordered the newsletter, i.e. Newsletter field = Yes.

You can see whether an address has ordered the newsletter in their basic data. In the category Administration there is the field “Newsletter”.

Subscribe to our newsletter

There are the 2 basic variants for the newsletter order:

Both options are displayed and the recipient can choose one of them – both are not possible, of course. No answer is preselected.

This includes the macro “_Newsletterlink”. It generates a link to a web page with the query. The texts are not configurable and the recipient can choose between subscribe and unsubscribe.

The address completion also offers such a query. Their text can be adjusted in the basic settings for Newsletter (Tools >> Settings >> Basic settings >> General tab >> Newsletter category).

If the recipient subscribes to the newsletter, the newsletter status in his address data record is set to “Yes”. If he does not order the newsletter, the newsletter status in the address is set to “No”. If the customer does not choose one of the 2 options, the newsletter status is not changed.

Here the recipient is only asked whether he wants to subscribe to the newsletter, the checkbox is not pre-selected.

This includes the macros “_Widerrufslink” or “_agreement link”. The question for the newsletter will then be displayed on the web page with the queries. The texts are customizable in their settings.

If the recipient confirms the query, the newsletter status in his address data record is set to “Yes”.
If the recipient does not confirm the question, the newsletter status will not be changed.

Unsubscribe from the newsletter

Unsubscribing is of course only possible after the newsletter has been ordered, and actually happens like ordering via the above described way with the 2 options. To do this, use the macro “_Newsletterlink” in the mail as described above. If a subscriber chooses a “No, I don’t want any newsletter”, the newsletter status in the address is set to “Unsubscribed”.

Manual maintenance

You can also set the newsletter status manually in the address, but then the proof that the recipient has agreed to this must be entered accordingly.

A newsletter is created like a normal email via the email dialog and then sent as a serial email .

As recipient you choose “Filter” and “Newsletter dispatch” for “Serial mail”

You can additionally personalize the newsletter, e.g. with the macro “_AdrBenutzerSignatur” you insert the signature of the person in charge of the address.

You can find more useful macros in the macro list in ? >> Macro list