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Newsletter Double Opt-In

In order to avoid problems due to unwanted email newsletters, you should use the double opt-in procedure for newsletter ordering. It replaces the previous simple procedure everywhere.

The newsletter is ordered as before with the macro “_Newsletterlink” (or via the address completion, revocation, etc.), but then a confirmation mail is sent first, in which the owner of a mailbox confirms that he wants the newsletter.

The confirmation of the newsletter order is done by clicking on a link in the confirmation mail – there is no choice between “I want to receive the newsletter” and “I don’t want to receive a newsletter”.
By clicking on the link, the customer is directed to the confirmation page and the newsletter is ordered.

In addition to the previous status (No information, Yes, No, Canceled) for the newsletter in the basic address settings, there is now “Double Opt-In pending”.

The ordering of a newsletter, the sending of the confirmation mail and the confirmation of the order is stored as an activity in the address data record.

Enable Double Opt-In

The prerequisite is that you have created an email template for the confirmation email. You can use the CKEditor to create a link in the template that contains the macro “_Newsletterlink(doilink)” as the target / URL.

Important: The parameter in brackets must be specified, otherwise only the normal “Order Newsletter” link will be deposited.

The newsletter double opt-in procedure, DOI for short, is called up in the basic settings Extras >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> General in the category Newsletter activated.

The ordering of the newsletter is done normally with the macro “_Newsletterlink” . Only in the email template for order confirmation the parameter doilink must be specified ( _Newsletterlink(doilink)).

Afterwards 3 further setting options appear:

  • Email template: Here you select the email template for the confirmation email. The email template must already have been created and contain the macro “_Newsletterlink(doilink)”.
  • Confirmation page – title: Title of the website for the confirmation of the newsletter order.
  • Confirmation page – text: Text of the website for the confirmation of the newsletter order.