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Create site plan

You can create site plans via onOffice. The creation of the site plans runs via Open Streetmap and is free of charge for all users.

Clicking the “Create site plan” button opens a pop-up window with the site plan section. This is basically centered on the selected property. The property is represented with a ‘cottage’ icon. If you do not want to show the location of the property on the map, click the plus icon on the right side and uncheck “Show property”. Use the + / – bar to zoom in and out of the map section. You can also move the section so that the property is no longer in the center.If the icon is displayed in the wrong place, you can move the house icon to the right place on its own.

You can name the site plan using the image title function. Once you have made all the settings, save the site plan using the “Create” button. After that you will find it in the picture gallery of the property.

Site plans are published by default only in brochures. For the portals you have to activate the publication manually afterwards.