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Upload single file

If you only want to upload a new image or file related to your property, click on the icon Add in the upper left corner of the navigation bar.

Using the “Browse” button you can select the desired file. This will be uploaded as soon as you press “Save”.

File type

You can select the “File Type” of your file to upload. Make sure that Immoscout24 does not accept links, but only files! ImmoNet, on the other hand, also processes links from movies. Movies and sound can also be used on your homepage.

Document feature

A document characteristic can be used to mark a file for automatisms.

To do this, use a document feature as a standard attachment to an e-mail template , for example, or even in an “e-mail” process step. These functions check whether a file with the corresponding document characteristic has been stored in the necessarily linked property. This file will then be sent automatically. This allows you to create generally worded templates or processes and still incorporate custom files from property.

In PDFdesigner you can include files with a “document feature” using the “Custom” page type. Files can also be added via “Text” pages according to a “Document Characteristic” via macro. In this way, you can specifically control whether and which images or PDF documents are included in your brochure.

Document features can be assigned in the “Files” tab. Add files one by one to the property record, a document characteristic can be assigned directly. For multiple files, this is subsequently possible per file. However, a “document characteristic” can only be assigned once in total per property.

The list of all document features can be maintained and supplemented via the administration. You can find them under the singleselect fields in the “Files” module.


PDF documents (e.g. floor plans) of the Brochure type can also be transferred to Immobilienscout24.