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upload multiple files

Your images – the upload

To upload multiple images simultaneously, simply click the “Upload multiple files” button. Whether the files are loaded into the Internal or External tab depends on which tab was open when the option was selected. Exceptions are PDF files, which are always saved internally. Files that are not PDF or documents are saved with the file type ‘Photo’.

File types can be set under the images. If the property does not have a cover picture yet, the first picture becomes a kind of cover picture. This can be changed by changing the current title image in the uploader to a photo or another type. Only then can another image be set as the title image.

You can also use Changefile type to change the file type for one or more files. The files can also be moved to the different tabs (External / Internal).

The files to be uploaded are selected via “Select files”. You can select files from different locations on your computer several times using the button. Move the mouse pointer over the image to edit the properties of the image (corresponding icons appear). You can use the icons to rotate the file or add a watermark to it. When the selection is complete, you can use the “Save + Close” button to transfer the files to the property

Watermark In

the file Uploader you can choose from 3 options for the watermarks below left. This selection is only available if a watermark is stored in Tools >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> General >> Watermark (Imageuploader) or in the basic data of your group. If a watermark is stored, it is displayed in the Uploader file and is implemented in the images to be uploaded, depending on the option selected.
If you want to upload images without a watermark, you must set the ‘No watermark’ option next to the watermark. If only the option ‘For all images’ is selectable and you want to upload an image without a watermark, please contact your administrator, as the watermark is forced in the default settings.

The watermark will only be inserted into the currently uploaded images. Images that have already been uploaded cannot be watermarked. For a watermark in these images, they must be removed from the property and uploaded again


PDF files are always uploaded to the “Internal” tab. 
PDF documents (e.g. floor plans) of the brochure type can also be transferred to Immobilienscout24