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Optimize floor plan

This feature is only available to marketplace participants via the Marketplace service of Immogrundriss .

Create and optimize floor plans

You often receive a floor plan from your customer that is not in optimal condition. Simply let us make your floor plan more attractive – click on “Optimize floor plan” and choose the design that suits your floor plan.

The floor plans must be in one of the following formats: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG


Please note that floor plans in PDF format cannot be optimized.

Please uploada floor plan first. 

Check whether the file type is displayed as a floor plan (text below the preview image of the file).
How to change the file type can be found here.

To order the optimization, press the “Optimize floor plan” button on the right. Select your desired layout in the following pop-up. Deactivate the additional options that you do not need for the floor plan. Then select the files (floor plans) that are relevant for the job via checkbox.

Notes or remarks on the floor plan can be written per file (“Further information on the floor plan”). Example: “Kitchen without tiles,” or “All the floor plans on one sheet.”


More complex comments / sketches / photos etc. can be sent along. To do this, the file must also be uploaded of the type floor plan and selected here.

You have to accept the terms of use before you can go to the order dialog via the “continue” button.

The system calculates the floor plans to be calculated from the number of uploaded files. If several plans are contained on one sheet or file, you would have to correct the total number of floor plans contained in the order under “Floor plans contained therein”.

If you prefer 3D floor plans, a floor plan is prepared for each apartment and floor. Please indicate the number of included floor plans accordingly.

If you are sending a file for illustrative purposes only, you can adjust the total number downwards.

As soon as you click on the “Send order” button, your order is transmitted to our cooperation partner The finished floor plan is played back into the corresponding property after completion and is also sent to you by email.

The settlement of your floor plan order is carried out via your credit account.


Changes in the floor plans are carried out free of charge, a different layout is not included. For change requests, please contact the service provider at, quoting the order number and ID.