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Create energy scale

You have the possibility to create a graphic of the energy scale in onOffice. This scale is composed of the information on the energy certificate in the property.

The energy scale for residential properties is based on the scale for Germany. A specific scale is used for each of the countries Austria and Spain.

Note: Please make sure that you enter the correct data on the ‘Details’ tab.

The land is based on the information in the basic data of the property. If this is not entered, the country of the property supervisor is evaluated. If this is also not given the land of the group of the property supervisor is used. If still no country can be determined, the country from the basic client settings is used.

The energy scale can be created for residential property for the countries Germany, Austria and Spain. Different fields are evaluated for the individual countries or used to create the energy scale.

  • Germany: The German energy scale distinguishes between demand and consumption scales. The information about the type of ID card controls the type of scale. To be able to create the scale, the corresponding fields for demand or consumption must still be filled. By specifying the energy efficiency class, the scale can be created on the Files tab.
Energy consumption scaleEnergy consumption scale
  • Austria: For the energy scale for Austrian property you have to enter 4 fields under Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Input fields module: property – Category: Unlockstate .
    ea_fgee_atEnergy performance factor
    ea_hwb_atHeating demand (AT)
    ea_hwb_klasse_atHeating demand class
    ea_fgee_klasse_atClass energy performance factor

    If these fields are filled in an Austrian property data set, the energy scale can be created on the Files tab.

Energy scale Austria

  • Spain: Fields must also be enabled in the administration for the Spanish energy scale.
    co2_EmissionsklasseCO2 emission class
    co2_AusstossCO2 emission

    Furthermore, you must enter the value of the ‘Energy demand’ in the field. The peculiarity of the Spanish energy scale is that it is created with 1 or 2 columns. If the fields of the CO2 emission class are not filled, the scale can be created with one column.

Energy scale SpainEnergy scale Spain Fig. 2
  • Other countries: If another country is set, which does not correspond to the three described, the energy scale of Germany is used.