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Change file properties

The files of a property in onOffice enterprise have different properties which can be changed via the edit pen Icon for Edit or a double click on the file tile or line.
The file properties are displayed in the “edit mode” on the right side. The selected file tile then has a red background or the line is highlighted in yellow.

  • The files in a property are divided by visibility into the “Internal” and “External”sub-tab. Files from the “Internal” tab can only be used within onOffice enterprise, e.g. opened and read or sent as an e-mail attachment. Transfer to portals is not possible.
    For files in the “External” sub-tab, “Publication” can still be controlled individually for the brochures and the portals.
    ATTENTION: When changing the file type, the default publishing settings from the basic settings are applied to the new file type.
    The file type is always displayed in the file tiles under the preview.
  • File types: These determine, among other things, on which sub-tab the file is displayed. The grouping, for example, of the images within the portals, web pages or brochures is also based on the file type.
  • Document Feature: A document characteristic can only be assigned once per property. The list of possible document features must be filled in the administration beforehand. The document features can be used e.g. in the process manager or for embedding images / PDF documents in brochures.
  • File title, has a small exception: In the External tab, the title in the file tile is changed. The file title is output as the image title in portals and brochures.

Changing the file type is also possible for several files at once, for this you need to activate the mass editing for the desired files.