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Unlock/lock provider

You can decide which of the providers in the Marketplace you want to use in enterprise and make available to the user by activating the individual providers in a targeted manner.

The overview(Marketplace >> Overview) lists all providers and you can inform yourself about the providers and their services.
You can find information on required fields, etc. under Additional Information for Individual Providers. Often the providers also have special instructions for the use of their services on their websites.

Unlock provider via overview of providers

To unlock a provider, you need administrator rights. Please click on Marketplace >> Overviewin the menu bar. A popup opens, in which all available providers are displayed. Select the provider to be unlocked and click on the “Unlock now” button under the tile.

Overview Marketplace

A lightbox opens with the most important data of the provider. Here you can also download the provider’s general terms and conditions, data protection declaration and order processing agreement. To start the unlocking process, click the “Unlock Now” button.

Popup to activate the provider

In the next step, you must agree to the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and the Contract Processing Agreement (AVV).

Please click on “Continue to activation”.

Select user rights

The final step is the actual activation.

A short description of the provider is displayed and a description of the necessary rights in onOffice enterprise.  The rights are set up automatically, you do not need to do anything else.

After that you still have to define who should or may use the services of the provider later. You have the choice between all users or only administrators.
You can later customize this basic setting in the settings for each user(rights settings in the category “Marketplace – external services (chargeable)”).

Certain services are automatically released for all users. This applies to all webhooks, i.e. services that are triggered by saving a data record and run in the background without a GUI, such as the Sprengnetter property valuation.

Only after the user rights have been selected are all preparations complete and a value is displayed in the first API key field.

API_Key must be copied

You have to manually enter this key into the 2. Copy API key field and unlock the provider.
Only with this key the provider has access to the necessary data after activation.

API_Key in der unteren Zeile einfügen

When the activation process is complete, the status changes from red to green and the text “Active” is displayed.

Provider activated

Release/block provider for individual users

When activating the provider, the user group was defined – all users or only administrators.

If this setting is no longer suitable, or if other users have been added who should also use the service, you can also remove Assign or Remove specific users.

In the user rights(Tools >> Settings >> User >> User name >> TAB Rights >> CATEGORY Marketplace – external services (liable to pay costs) you can define for the user which of the activated providers he is allowed to use. Select or deselect the checkboxes of the desired providers.

User rights settings for Marketplace account and provider usage.

Lock provider

To block a provider, you must open the overview of providers, menu bar Marketplace >> Overview. Select the provider to be deactivated and click on “Lock provider”.

Note that if a provider is blocked, it will be disabled for all users of that version.

Provider display in the overview

If you now click on the “Block provider” button, you will be asked again whether you are sure you really want to block the provider. To confirm, click on the button “Block provider now”. The provider is directly blocked and can no longer be used.

Lock provider