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Assign debits via reference ID

When you place an order in the Marketplace, the costs are charged to the account assigned to you. After the purchase, a confirmation with the transaction ID will be displayed. You can use this ID to track the booking in the transactions overview .

Payment processing is handled by the payment service provider Mangopay. Via the reference ID you can assign a debit from Mangopay on your bank account to a paid Marketplace service. The reference ID is communicated to the bank as a reference number and appears as the posting text on the account statement.

With some banks it can be that the reference ID is not displayed in the booking text, this is then up to the bank. Switching from credit card to debit or vice versa could fix this. Otherwise, if necessary, also check the possibility of debiting from another bank account at another bank if you need the reference ID.

The reference IDs are unique for each customer. They are also listed in the transaction list and indicated on each invoice.