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Create account

Please note that setting up an account in the first period is possible only with a valid credit card or bank account. Other payment methods may follow later.

Create account

To use the Marketplace, a client account must be created for your version by an administrator. This can be used for all users and groups. After a client account has been created, it is also possible to create accounts for individual users and groups separately.

A video with a general introduction can be found here.

User and group accounts cannot be created without a previously created client account.

Currently possible payment methods in Marketplace are: SEPA direct debit or credit card (VISA or Mastercard).

To create a client account, click as administrator in the menu bar on Marketplace >> Set up client account or in the basic settings under Tools >> Settings >> Basic settings >> Basic data >> Marketplace >> Set up client account

A popup will open to guide you through the next steps.

If a user is not assigned to the client or group account, he cannot use any of the Marketplace services. He has the possibility to create his own user account. This is similar to the client account. The user must click on Marketplace >> Set up user account in the menu bar. A popup opens, in which, unlike the client account, only 2 steps need to be performed.

Once a user account is set up for a user, he cannot change it. The existing user account must be closed in order to assign a group or the client account.

Only a group leader can create a group account for his office group.

In the basic data of his office group(Tools >> Settings >> Groups >> Office group name >> Basic data) you can click on Marketplace Group account >> Set up group account. A popup will open where three steps need to be gone through to create the account. After setting up the group account, a confirmation will be sent to the office group email address.

Once all the steps are completed for the respective accounts, you will receive a confirmation that the client/group/user account setup has been successfully completed. A confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox.