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Service not usable?

Problems with a service

You have called up a service and can’t get any further? Or there’s a mistake?

In this case, only the provider can help you.
Please contact the seller directly, you can find his contact details in the menu Marketplace >> Overview >> Seller name. Often the providers also have special instructions for the use of their services on their websites, if you have any questions please check these pages first.

A service cannot be called at all

There can be several reasons why a service cannot be called. For example, the service may only be available to administrators, you may not have the right to use this service, or it may be a service that is only available for a specific module and you are not in that module.
In these cases, an appropriate message is displayed.

If no message is displayed and a popup from onOffice cannot be called up, please contact the onOffice support.

If a service that is running as a webhook fails, you will be informed about it and the possible cause by Email. These are, for example, services that are triggered when saving, such as the Sprengnetter property valuation or the newsletter connector.